School & Community Education

We have a range of services and resources to provide cystic fibrosis (CF) education and awareness to the community.

CFSmart Program

The CFSmart education program is an online tool with a range of educational resources about CF for teachers and educators. The resources include free online learning modules and downloadable resources to support children with CF in the school or early childhood environment.

Online Learning

If you would like your child’s teachers or educators to understand more about CF, our online learning modules are a perfect place to start. They cover a range of topics related to CF, including practical advice for supporting your child with CF in the classroom/daycare.

Our modules are designed to:

  • Enable children with CF to integrate within the normal schooling/daycare environment and achieve educational milestones.
  • Provide information about CF to teachers, educators and other staff.
  • Educate classmates to promote CF awareness and understanding.

Your child’s teacher can go to www.cfsmart.org.au to complete our free online learning modules.

If you require further information or support, please contact our Education Coordinator on sharon.dewar@cfwa.org.au or 08 6224 4100.

Teacher Resources

Parent Resources

Starting School with CF

We host an annual Early Learning Night for parents whose children are about to start daycare or kindy. It covers information about how to collaborate with the school, preparing your child and tips that have worked for others.

Here are some useful resources when starting school with CF:


Health Professional Resources and Education

We have a range of resources and education, designed specifically for health professionals. See our Health Professionals page for more information.

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