Support Programs

Managing the daily treatment of cystic fibrosis (CF) can be quite challenging, whether you are the parent of a newborn, young child, adolescent, or are an adult living with CF. We have a range of support programs to help support you or the person in your life living with CF. Support is available via phone, video call or in the comfort of your own home.

Home Care Worker Service

CFWA have a Home Care Worker (HCW) service available in the metropolitan area to provide regular home visits to children and adults with CF. Our HCW program is funded by the Health Department of WA and offers support for airway clearance, nebulisation, exercise, light home duties and occasional respite. Our HCWs receive regular training to provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to supervise treatments safely and effectively.

This service is available for anyone with CF and can be accessed by referral from your CF team or you can contact our physiotherapist, Sam on sam.wallace@cfwa.org.au or phone 08 6224 4100.

Calm Kids, Happy Families Program

CFWA offer one-on-one support and guidance with our experienced Occupational Therapist (OT), Mel, as part of our Calm Kids, Happy Families program.

Mel can provide practical solutions and support to the difficulties that can arise in the family system, particularly when also dealing with CF.

Mel can help you and your child with:

  • Developing routines
  • Calming and de-escalation techniques
  • Meal and bedtime assistance
  • Behaviour management techniques
  • Consistent parenting
  • Positive communication

Read more about OT here:

For more information please contact Mel on mel.tibbits@cfwa.org.au or 08 6224 4100.

You can hear more about the Calm Kids, Happy Families program here:

Here are some tips from Mel for basic strategies you can implement at home to help your child:

Building Resilience Program

Our Youth Social Worker, Haylee, can support young people (~8-11 yrs) through our Building Resilience Program. The one-on-one program uses age-appropriate activities and resources to promote positive mental health, build resilience, address worries and misinformation about CF and encourage independence over CF treatments.

Getting children used to talking about their feelings at a younger age has positive outcomes for their future mental health. It encourages children to recognise if they are feeling worried and provide them with healthy tools and strategies to process these emotions.

If you think this program would benefit your child, please contact Haylee on haylee.riddell@cfwa.org.au or phone 08 6224 4100.

Hospital Support

Child Support

Hospital Care Packs and Visits

We provide Hospital Care Packs to Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) which are distributed by your CF team as needed. You can ask on the ward if you would like one.

A CFWA social worker can also visit on request. Please contact Haylee on haylee.riddell@cfwa.org.au to arrange.

Financial Support

We also offer financial assistance for hospital and clinic appointments to assist with travel and parking. Click here for more information and to apply.

First Hospital Admission

If your child is admitted to hospital for the first time, we have a ‘My First Admission’ video series which can help you prepare for the admission.

We also have a First Hospital Admission factsheet.

Adult Support

Hospital Food Bag and Visits

If you’re an inpatient at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (SCGH), you can apply online for an Inpatient Food Bag made up of snacks and some toiletry items. Click here to select your food items and submit your bag request. We usually deliver bags one day per week. For any questions please contact the office at 08 6224 4100. If you are an inpatient at Fiona Stanley Hospital, please let us know so we can provide support and a good bag if you would like us to.

A CFWA social worker can also visit on request. Please Haylee haylee.riddell@cfwa.org.au to arrange.

Financial Support

We also offer financial assistance for hospital and clinic appointments to assist with travel and parking. Click here for more information and to apply.

If you require further support please don’t hesitate to contact Paula on paula.wallace@cfwa.org.au or on 08 6224 4100.

Hospital in the Home (HiTH)

HiTH is a program offered in conjunction with PCH, which enables your child to continue intravenous antibiotic (IVAB) treatment at home with the support of hospital staff and CFWA HCWs.

A HiTH nurse will visit regularly to administer IVABs, a PCH physiotherapist will provide your morning airway clearance treatment, and a CFWA HCW provides the afternoon session. This service is only available by referral from PCH.


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