Elisha: Me and My Home Care Worker

Did you know that some kids with CF have a special person that comes to see them at home and help with their physio? This is Elisha, she first met her home care worker, Ishbel, three years ago when she came to visit her and her sister.

Hi, I’m Elisha and I am 14 years old and in year eight. I have a pet dog Alfie and Coco is my sister Mikayla’s dog.

My hobbies include drawing and painting. I like hanging out with my Nan in her art studio; she has lots of art equipment and paints. I like to draw anime and I’m learning realism at the moment.

What is the hardest thing about having CF?

When people ask you to explain it, it can be annoying. Also, it is hard sometimes when you have to be cautious about where you go, like rivers or lakes that can have bad bacteria.

What are the best things about having a home care worker?

You don’t forget about doing your treatment and you do it completely properly. It helps you stay on top of it.

Where is your favourite place in the world?

I loved Paris and drawing the Eiffel Tower. I also like the beach as I love painting waves.

If you could make a rule everyone had to follow what would it be?

It would be for people to stop being mean to animals and treat them like they’re part of your family. I hate animal cruelty.

How would you describe Ishbel in three words?

Ishbel is cool, she’s pretty funny and caring.

How do you think Ishbel has helped you?

She’s helped me with my physio, and she doesn’t put up with any of my attitude!

What would you say to someone who was thinking about getting a home care worker?

I would say do it, especially if they try not to do physio. It will be worth it.

Do you have any advice for younger kids with CF?

If you do your physio, you’ll have a healthier life. I used to be worried, but it doesn’t bother me anymore as I know that there is lots of research happening, and people are living fuller lives.


If you think you would benefit from having a home care worker support you with your physio at home, you can find out more on our website, www.cfwa.org.au. Ask your parents to help and discuss it with your CF team.

Interview from Rozee Magazine, 2019.

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