Regional Support

Nearly a third of people with cystic fibrosis (CF) in Western Australia (WA) live regionally. Our aim is to bring equitable services and support across the whole of WA.


Our services team comprise of a social worker/counsellor, physiotherapist, community nurse and education officer, which means that we can offer diverse services when we come to your community. This can include:

  • School and community education sessions; including day care, community, workplace and extended families
  • Health professional education including hospital staff and GPs
  • Physiotherapy assistance, advice, education and airway clearance programs
  • Nursing consultations, information and advice
  • Counselling and social work support
  • Networking opportunities and support of members
  • Home care worker support in Bunbury and Busselton areas
  • Skype sessions to provide ongoing support as required
  • Hospital visits and support when in Perth

If you require support in your area, please contact our Services Manager via email (servicesmanager@cfwa.org.au) or on 08 6224 4100.

Regional Subsidies

  • Telethon Regional Travel Subsidy – Families of children attend Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) clinic appointments/admissions can receive $100-$150 per visit
  • Adult Regional Travel Subsidy – Adults attending SCGH or FSH clinic appointments/admissions can receive $50-$100 per visit
  • Sibling and Offspring Camp Subsidy – Travel subsidy to assist regional children to attend our annual Sibling and Offspring Camp

See Financial Support for a full list of available subsidies and to apply.


Thanks to Telethon, regional children can access a free portable, battery operated nebuliser to assist with their nebulised medications. Please contact our Physiotherapist via email (physio@cfwa.org.au) or phone 08 6224 4100 for more information.

Regional Health Professional Training

Our Nurse Educator is available to provide education to health professionals in both metropolitan and regional areas, please contact them via email (nurse@cfwa.org.au) or phone 08 6224 4100.

Regional Respiratory Training Program (RRTP)

Our RRTP is an annual five-day program held in Perth designed to train regional nurses and physiotherapists in CF and respiratory care. All costs are covered by the Department of Health.

For more information or to request specific support, contact our Services Manager via email (servicesmanager@cfwa.org.au) or phone 08 6224 4100.

Health Professionals Website

We have a dedicated CF website, especially for health professionals learning more about CF. Share this link with your local GP or other health professional. www.cfwa.org.au/health-professionals

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