Nutrition for Adults

Nutrition for Adults

Nutrition is a very important part of managing CF and can play a big role in how well you feel. Click on the tiles below for more detailed information on the CF diet.

Benefits of good nutrition and understanding your individual dietary needs.

Information on fats, protein, carbohydrates, salt and fluids.

Who needs enzymes and why, as well as information on dosing.

Weight management, gaining weight and eating when unwell.

Vitamins, probiotics, and sport and protein supplements.

Healthy bowel habits, common issues and DIOS.

Managing hydration, and what to eat before and after exercise,

Nutritional considerations with pregnancy and post-partum.

Post-transplant nutritional considerations including food safety, CFRD and bone, kidney and bowel health.

How diet can help manage CF comorbidities including CFRD, reflux and bone disease.

The affect of modulator drugs on diet and weight.

Recipes and meal ideas for people with CF.


Thanks to CF dietitians from Sir Charles Gairdner and Fiona Stanley Hospitals for collaborating on these resources.

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