Our Impact

Our Impact

A snapshot of how we are tracking against our Strategic Plan areas this year; and achievements made possible with the help of our dedicated community, partner organisations, and supporters.

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Maintaining and growing our comprehensive services

Our services were accessed 2,282 times, including airway clearance, exercise support, psychosocial and practical support for vulnerable people and those experiencing hardship.

Trikafta access was extended to eligible individuals over 12 years, after extensive advocacy by the community, CFWA and fellow CF organisations.


Building our team

We enhanced psycho-social and wellbeing supports, through individualised plans and new grant funded programs.

We recruited a new resource to help build respiratory knowledge in regional and Aboriginal communities.

Building CF awareness and education

People accessed our online resources and factsheets on over 5,000 occasions.

We created 39 tailored plans for schools to enable more informed support for students with CF.

Community members completed 419 updated e-learning modules, including vital infection prevention and control content


The Board renewed its research commitment and created a new Research Strategy to support bigger research aspirations.

Visit our Research page to read more about some of the research we have funded.

Sustainable funding

We secured close to $900,000 in revenue over 6 months; to support services and research.

Despite COVID impacts, our operating results on track against budget. Investment results were adversely impacted by market conditions.

Business management

We reaped the benefits of investing in digital resources, with significant social media growth, new donors; and over $50,000 raised from virtual roses.


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