Community Resources

We produce a range of downloadable resources that cover many aspects of living with cystic fibrosis including; diagnosis, nutrition, exercise, treatments, education and more.



Children’s Books

Fact Sheets

Our factsheets provide quick targeted information on various CF topics.

Airway Clearance


Carrier Screening & CF Diagnosis

Comorbidities (Issues that may arise alongside CF)

General Health


Infection Control

Medications and Procedures

Mental Health


School and Day Care

Sexual Health and Fertility

Travel with CF

CFSmart Education Program

Our national CFSmart Education program provides a wide range of educational resources about CF for educators, parents, students and health professionals. Visit www.cfsmart.org for many more resources and information.

Short Videos

CFTalk Videos


This series of short films hears from four inspirational adults living with CF and covers a range of topics including achievements, travel, community and words of wisdom.

Young People

In our six-part CF Talk video series, we talk to people of different ages and backgrounds about how their lives are impacted by CF.

We’ve created this resource for young people to help navigate some of the trickier aspects of living with CF. Our real-life experts will discuss how they have dealt with school, relationships, work and balancing their life with CF treatment.

Parents and Carers

Our Parents and Carers series cover a range of topics relating to having someone with CF in your family. We talk to parents, grandparents and siblings about their experiences.


Exercise and Cystic Fibrosis Program

The CFFit resources provide information to assist people with CF to exercise safely, either at home or within the community. They contain information about the CF specific benefits of exercise and exercise examples.


CFCooking: Healthy Cooking for People with Cystic Fibrosis

CFCooking was produced by CFWA and ex-SCGH dietitian Paul O’Neill, and includes a range of healthy cooking demonstration videos for people with CF.

RED Magazine

Our quarterly RED Magazine covers many aspects of living with CF. Each edition focuses on one main topic and includes the latest news on research and treatment and member stories. To join our RED mailing list please update your membership details.

2019 Editions

2018 Editions

2017 Editions

2016 Editions

2015 Editions

Rozee Magazine

ROZEE is an annual kids magazine. This magazine provides CF education and stories aimed at young children with CF and their siblings.

REDteen Magazine


CFWA’s Youtube Channel features a range of videos covering many aspects of living with CF.

Fundraising Resources

Here’s a range of resources to help you get the most out for your fundraising for CFWA.

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