Adult Support Services

CFWA Support Services for Adults

We have a range of support services available for adults. For more information about all of these services please get in touch with Kathryn at or on 08 6457 7333.


All CFWA adult subsidies can be found on the website at this link. Subsidies are dependent on ongoing funding, so it is recommended that individuals first contact CFWA at or on 08 6457 7333 to ensure funding is available.

Adult Activity Subsidy

Available for adults with CF across the whole of WA with a gym, personal trainer or other approved activity of your choice. Subsidies are paid as a reimbursement upon receipt of the activity.

Payments up to $300 can be made quarterly (monthly payments are no longer possible).

To ensure the sustainability of this program a pre and post survey is required to confirm the benefits of exercise for people with CF. A logbook is also requested to capture the number of sessions that you are participating in.

For more information click here.

Adult Regional Travel Subsidy

Funded through CFWA fundraising, this subsidy provides financial support to adults living in regional WA who are attending clinic appointments or have a hospital admission at SCGH or FSH. The subsidy is currently capped at $50. For more information click here.

Mental Health Gap Funding

Although Medicare will subsidise counselling sessions there is often still a gap payment of approximately $50. Adults can apply to receive $50 per week as a reimbursement of the session. For more information click here.

– For more information see Mental Health Care Plan & Medicare Rebates

Community Support

We have a range of community support services available, based on individual needs and assessment. For more information about these services contact Kathryn at or on 08 6457 7333.

  • Hospital care packages
  • Low-level exercise as directed by SCGH physiotherapist
  • Support with airway clearance as directed by SCGH physiotherapist
  • Cleaning for people on low lung function and struggling to maintain house
  • Other duties, such as food shopping as per individual assessment
  • Community based social work and counselling
  • Regional visits for education and support

Individual Financial Support

  • Referral to financial counselling, Centrelink or other agencies as needed


  • Foodbank (discounted food relief)
  • Coffee Code (SCGH) vouchers (whilst in hospital)
  • McDonalds coffee vouchers

Resources and Fact Sheets

  • Over 40 information sheets on issues such as CFRD, haemoptysis, bone health etc. Click here for our full range of fact sheets.
  • Small booklets: CF Fit, CF Food, CF Cooking and CF Talk short films. Click here for our full range of resources.

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