Infant Nutrition – General

General Infant Nutrition

Normal growth and development are the main nutritional goals for your baby. Optimising growth and good nutritional habits from the very beginning are extremely beneficial in CF. Better nutritional status in childhood is associated with improved lung function, adult height and fewer complications associated with CF.

Nutrition Support

Although calorie needs are generally higher in those with CF, many babies grow well with regular infant feeding practices and proper dosing of enzymes (if required). The team at Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) will closely monitor your baby’s weight and growth at clinic visits and the dietitian will provide tools and strategies aimed at keeping your baby at an optimal nutritional status. They may ask questions about feeding patterns, digestive symptoms, appetite, salt, enzymes and vitamins, which are all part of the nutrition picture.

Post diagnosis you should see the dietitian at each clinic appointment (usually monthly) until steady growth is established, and then a minimum of every three months after that. Once over two years of age, those with milder genotypes and are clinically stable from a nutrition perspective may only require dietary review six monthly or annually. You can also reach out to your dietitian at PCH either on the phone or via email between visits if questions or concerns arise.

Contact Details

Nutrition and Dietetics Department at PCH

Tel: (08) 6456 0408

Email: PCHCFDietitian@health.wa.gov.au

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