Perth Pathfinders Fundraiser for CFWA

Over the long weekend in September the Perth Pathfinders Trials Motorcycle Club held their annual Memorial Trial Ride fundraiser. CFWA were chosen as this year’s beneficiary due to it being a cause very close to the family of one of the club members.

The Pathfinders Trials club was established in 1975. They are a motorcycle club with approximately 100 members of all ages. Their committee members are volunteers and have a serious passion for the sport. Trials is the one sport that doesn’t rely on speed. Instead, riders must use fitness, balance, and focus to guide their machines over all sorts of obstacles without ever stopping or letting their feet touch the ground. The typical moto trials machines are light and nimble and it’s simply amazing what top riders can do with them. There are several grades of difficulty. They range from riding over small obstacles to riding over boulders, tree stumps and vertical walls.

The weekend of riding finished with an auction on Sunday night. Items were donated by the club members and auctioned off to club members and their family and spectators. We are so grateful to have received an incredible $4,500 from the Pathfinders Trials Club from the riders’ fees and auction. Thank you so much to the Pathfinders community for your support.

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