Maggie Harrigan – Research Update

CF Research update – Maggie Harrigan

Maggie Harrigan, recipient of a CFWA PhD research scholarship in 2020, has provided an update on her research project.

Who am I? An exploratory study of self-concept in adults with Cystic Fibrosis in an evolving era of care.

My name is Maggie Harrigan and I am a social worker passionate about optimising the mental and social health of those living with CF.

The PhD study explores self-concept (sometimes called self-identity) e.g. how you view yourself, a sense of who you are as a person in the various aspects of life. Outside CF, self-concept has been widely associated with improved health, however there is currently a lack of self-concept research within CF. I will be examining levels of self-concept within the adult CF community and associations between self-concept, mental, social and physical health.

The study also explores the potential impact of evolving CFTR modulator treatments on self-concept. As CF treatments evolve, what is means to have CF continues to change, potentially bringing new opportunities and challenges. Amidst this change it is pertinent to develop our understanding of the social and emotional needs of those living with CF.

We look forward to hearing more about Maggie’s research project. For more information about the research CFWA funds, visit our Research and Advocacy page.

COVID Pandemic Social Connectedness Journal Article

Maggie is one of the authors of a recently published article on social connectedness during the COIVD pandemic.

Living with cystic fibrosis during the COVID-19 pandemic: a social connectedness perspective

Maggie Harrigan, Kellie Bennett, Siobhain Mulrennan & Melanie Jessup

Click here to read the journal article.

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