Liz’s Volunteer Role

Many of you would remember Liz as the Clinical Nurse Consultant at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH).

She has just celebrated 12 month’s retirement; however, she can’t sit still. In this article, she discusses volunteering at CFWA

Why Volunteering?

I worked with people who have CF and their families for over 30 years. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even the challenges, and especially the feeling that I could make a real difference.

Volunteering at CFWA seemed like an obvious choice. I’m also working on a small project at the Telethon Kids Institute.

What is Your Role at CFWA?

Working with young people and their families in transition from Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) to the adult hospital. The ease of transition will be dependent on many factors such as current health and lifestyle. For some families and young people with CF, they have little or no difficulty in transitioning. However, for others, transition is a much more difficult time.

If your child is due to move to the adult hospital, Liz is still around and happy to catch up. Please call CFWA for further information.


Interview from RED Magazine, Edition 2, 2019.

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