Cooking and Diet With Jordyn

Jordyn and her family openly describe themselves as “foodies”, hence we wanted to hear more about how she’s developed such a good relationship with food.  Jordan also features in our CFCooking short films.

Tell us about where you grew up?

I was born in Narrogin and grew up on a hobby farm 5kms out of town.  The space was good; bikes, buggies and learning to drive when I was fairly young. There were also chooks, sheep, two dogs and two cats. We moved into town when I got older so that we could be closer to friends, school and all our various sporting activities. I play netball in the same team as my Mum and my sister so have always kept really active.

Have you always had a good appetite and weight?

I have always struggled to put on weight, however have always really enjoyed food. Mum and I do all the cooking, we often cook together. We hold special events for the extended family, making a nice menu, doing up the living room, it’s really fun and brings everyone together. I have the same food as the rest of the family, just add a few extras e.g. cream, butter, oils, cheese and extra ice-cream.

Do you have any strategies that help when you don’t feel like eating, or if you feel you need to put on more weight?

Sometimes I don’t feel like eating, just feel full of sputum, that’s when my Mum makes me eat. It just takes longer and I break it up over a longer period. I also cook things in big batches and freeze some stuff for those times that I don’t feel like cooking.

When did you start becoming seriously interested in preparing food?

Mum always got me to cook since I was really young and when I was in high school I started cooking for the family twice a week. I started a chef apprenticeship earlier this year which was really great, but the hours were really crazy sometimes 12 hour days, finishing at midnight. I started to lose a lot of weight because I just didn’t have time to eat properly and look after myself. I really enjoyed it and it didn’t really feel like a job because I loved the cooking, but it’s currently on hold and I will look at something a little less strenuous.

What would you like to do in the future?

Definitely something to do with cooking, I will be looking back in Narrogin to see if I can find something and perhaps move back to Perth later in the year.

You are also featuring in one of the “CF Cooking” videos. How do you think these will benefit people?

I think it will be a great resource for people to get ideas that are easy and tasty and to gain a little more knowledge about healthy CF food.  Hopefully people will enjoy food as much as me, it brings people together.

Article from RED Magazine, Edition 3, 2016.

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