65 Roses Day for Cystic Fibrosis

How You Can Get Involved

May is the national cystic fibrosis (CF) awareness month, and Friday 22 May is 65 Roses Day, our day of awareness.

On 65 Roses Day we would usually paint Western Australia with beautiful fresh roses to raise funds and awareness for people living with CF. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines, selling roses in the CBD and at shopping centres, schools and workplaces is not possible this year.

That’s why 65 Roses is going digital and we are proud to reveal the new virtual 65 Roses Garden! Visit www.rosegarden.org.au to send a rose to someone you care about this May. Your donation will help us continue to provide essential support services and support critical research funding for people living with CF in WA.

Join us this CF awareness month with virtual volunteering, online rose sales and plenty of awareness raising!

Gift a virtual rose this May, to support people living with cystic fibrosis.
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Join our volunteer team to help grow our rose garden throughout May.
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Take the 65 Roses Challenge and host a fundraiser for CF.
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Become a 65 Roses supporter and help us paint WA with roses.
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Where the Money Goes

Your support this 65 Roses Day will enable us to provide essential support services and critical research funding to improve the lives of people living with cystic fibrosis in Western Australia.

$20 Donation

A $20 donation could gift a bottle of hand sanitiser to a family in need.

$30 Donation

Donating $30 for a rose could provide a hospital pack to help someone with CF during a long hospital stay.

$50 Donation

Donating $50 for a rose could supply a newly diagnosed kit to a family during a difficult time.

$100 Donation

Donating $100 for a rose could provide a physiotherapy session to someone with CF.

Why 65 Roses?

The reason we use the 65 Roses theme for our national day of awareness started in 1965.

Mary Weiss became a volunteer for the Cystic Fibrosis US Foundation in 1965 after learning that her three little boys had cystic fibrosis (CF). Her role was to call social clubs service organisations to seek financial support for CF research.

Mary’s young son Richard (pictured left) listened closely to his mother as she made each call. After several calls he came into the room and told his Mum “I know what you are working for”. Mary was shocked as the four-year-old Richard did not yet know that he had CF.

With some apprehension, Mary asked Richard. “What am I working for Richard?” “You are working for 65 roses” he answered. Mary was speechless.

“Yes Richard I’m working for 65 Roses”

This true story is the reason why the Australian Cystic Fibrosis Organisations use the rose in our logo, and the 65 Roses theme during the May, the month of cystic fibrosis awareness.

Our 65 Roses Partners

65 Roses is made possible with the help of hundreds of volunteers and some very generous supporters. Thank you! Visit our 65 Roses partner page to find our how your organisation can support people living with CF.

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