How To Establish a Routine that Works

Routines are essential to life. They help us get organised, focused and productive.

Following a routine helps to create and develop habits. Developing good, positive habits from early diagnosis help children to grow up knowing what is expected of them. Fun physio routines including games, using a favourite rug, DVD or book can set a routine for children to look forward to.

With routines becoming habits children growing into adults are more likely to comply with treatments which will have a positive impact on their health.

But how to set up a routine?

  1. Make a list of all the things you need to do in your day including physio, exercises, medications and nebulisations.
  2. List all that you want to accomplish, including some down time for yourself,
  3. Create a timetable to fit it all in.
  4. Think about the times of day that you are most productive or have the most energy and schedule more challenging tasks in then.

Give your routine a test run and adjust it so it feels right to you. Allow for some flexibility as things may come up, like parties and special events. It is OK not to stick to your set routine every now and then as long as missing treatments doesn’t become your routine!

You might like to look at our Home Care Worker program for further assistance.

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