Considerations When Starting School

It is important for your child’s class teacher and teacher assistants to be well informed about CF. Telling people within the wider school community is a personal decision.

The following are areas to consider:

Infection Prevention– Minimising germs in the school.

  • Hand hygiene practices in the classroom.
  • School policy on sick children.

Cross-infection– Are there other children with CF at the school?

  • It is recommended to keep a distance of at least 4 metres between people with CF to reduce the risk of cross-infection.
  • Schools with more than one child with CF (in different classes) can implement strategies to decrease the risk of cross-infection.


  • High calorie, high salt diet at school (if needed).
  • Extra snacks may be required.
  • Managing enzymes at school.


  • Salt requirements at school.
  • Dehydration prevention and management.


  • Clinic appointments, hospital admissions.

For more information, go to our School and Community page.

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