Zac on Sibs Camp and Having a Sister with CF

Zac regularly attends our Sibling and Offspring camp. He has an older sister with CF.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?  

I have autism and I was born on the 27 of October, I love Star Wars, Lego, Xbox one, and WW1.

This was your first camp. Were you nervous? How did you overcome your nerves?

I was nervous about going to camp but I made sure to pack my favorite book and my pillow and that made me feel happy. I was scared of the zip line but I gave it a go. The second time I was happy and had fun.

What was your favorite activity you did on camp?

The zip line. I also liked the rock wall.

Did you find the camp helpful would you like to come back next year?


What would you say to someone thinking about coming to their first camp but might be feeling nervous?  

I was nervous, but after meeting the other children and the camp leaders I felt great. There were lots of fun activities that made it easy to meet people.

What is it like having a sibling who has CF?

It is sometimes sad, like when Josephine goes into hospital, especially when it’s on my birthday. I have to go stay at my aunties when she goes to hospital and it is very crowded, but I have fun there so it is OK.  Jo has to have lots of medicines and physio and it takes a long time. Mum is always busy helping her and that makes me a little sad too.

Do you have any tips for other kids who have a family member with CF?

Try your best to be kind and helpful. Have fun even when things are difficult. The hospital has fun places you can visit, like Megazone, which is a great place. Be helpful; its good when you understand what your sibling is needing or doing. I like helping Jo get her medicine and keep her physio stuff together (even though she loses it a lot). I like to keep an eye out for smokers so Jo knows that she can avoid them and I know it helps her stay healthy.


Interview from Rozee, 2018.

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