Winter Tips

Winter Tips for Staying Well

Winter is on its way – here’s some suggestions to help you stay well.

Flu Vaccination

An annual flu vaccination is strongly recommended for all people with CF and their family members. Please contact your clinic to arrange for your flu jab.

Hand Hygiene
Good hand hygiene is the single most important measure in reducing the risk of spreading infections such as colds and flus. Good hand hygiene practices are encouraged using liquid soap and hand drying facilities or alcohol-based hand gel.

Exercise and fresh air
In winter it’s so tempting to stay inside but getting outside into the fresh air is mentally and physically beneficial and regular exercise, as you know, is crucial for good health in CF. So rug up and get outside!

Cleaning equipment
At this time of year with more viruses around continue to be vigilant with cleaning your equipment. Remember to wash your hands before and after your treatment and clean your equipment after each use.

Extra calories
Your body needs more calories during the cold winter months. It is important for people with CF to maintain their weight for good lung health. So enjoy lots of lovely comfort foods and remember to continue to drink plenty of fluids.

Early intervention
Contact your CF team if your cold is not improving. Don’t wait it out. Your team will advise you an appropriate time to call if your symptoms persist.


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