Virtual Catch Ups For CF Kids

The Virtual Catch Ups for CF Kids is an online program facilitated by our occupational therapist, Mel. It is available to children with CF aged 6 to 12 years. Groups are kept small and are broken down into different age groups so that content is relevant, safe and appropriate.

Each session lasts around 15-30 minutes and aim to build friendships and connect kids living with CF across WA. In each session, children are given the opportunity to do a show and tell or talk about what’s been going on in their life. Questions are asked and experiences are shared in a safe and fun environment. Mel facilitates the conversation – keeping the chat flowing and navigating questions, show and tells, and anything else that comes up.

If your child would like to find out more about our virtual catch ups, or indeed would be keen to join one of our small groups, please get in touch with Mel (mel.tibbitts@cfwa.org.au)

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