Sponsors & Volunteers Awards Night

On Friday 19 November, 2021, we held our annual Sponsors and Volunteers Awards Night. This event allows us to acknowledge and thank all of CFWA’s wonderful supporters throughout the year.

The year we awarded the following deserving recipients:

Supporter of the Year: Anthony Kicic

Associate Professor Anthony Kicic is one of the core CF team researchers at Telethon Kids Institute. Anthony consistently shows his passion for supporting support people with CF in so many ways, including his commitment to phage therapy and other CF research, his enthusiasm for regional trips with our team- sharing his presentation on phage therapy at our Evening with the Scientists, and this year, participating in our Bridge Climb fundraiser.

Fundraiser of the Year: Lorraine and Jeremy Stevenson, Albany Christmas Lights

Over the last couple of years the CF Christmas Lights Albany have grown from a beautiful displace of lights across the front of the house to a three week display with over 300,000 lights on display that take over an entire block of land. In 2020, the Albany Christmas Lights saw over 16,500 people walk through the eight metre long light tunnel to see this amazing display.

Not only did they build the awareness of CF across the south of the state, but they also engaged with over 40 volunteers and 60 local businesses and raised over $43,000. This year when visiting the CF Christmas Lights Albany you will be able to walk through over 400,000 lights and be amazed at the variety on display including easily recognisable world icons such as the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Santa’s Sleigh.

Volunteer of the Year: Chris Brambleby

Chris started with CFWA nearly 6 years ago and he manages all of our collection tins that he has placed into businesses around the streets of Perth. Over the years he has walked into nearly 1,900 businesses, and to many of them, he is the face of CFWA. Chris has done more than 50,000kms, over 1,800 hours and has raised over $60,000 for people living with CF. We would like to thank Chris for all he does for CFWA and for the people and families living with CF.

Long Service Award: George & Penny Jones

George and Penny Jones have sponsored the Golf Classic for 10 years. They were also part of establishing the Gold Classic as a premier event, which couldn’t have happened without their support. They continue to attend and support this event year after year. The Golf Classic has raised over $1.2m in its life. Thank you Penny and George for your ongoing support.

Long Service Award: Trident Insurance

Trident Insruance have been CFWA’s trusted insurance provider for over 15 years. Their commitment to CFWA is evident in all they do. This year, the insurance market was chaotic and premiums skyrocketed, however the Trident team went above and beyond to contain our premiums. They are always accessible and there is no question too silly.

They also sponsor the Hole in One for the Golf Classic, and this year they even registered a team for the event too.

Lappa 65 Roses Spirit Award: Jackie Fraser

Jackie has had several busy years, not the least of which involved a double lung transplant, a wedding, outback travel with portable oxygen in the leadup and running her Rose Lungs business.

Beyond personal achievements, Jackie is a great supporter and advocate for others with CF. This year, only five months after her double lung transplant, Jackie and her husband Aidan rode 65kms to raise money for CFWA to purchase portable oxygen equipment for others with CF. Thank you Jackie for being an inspiration and constant supporter.

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