Meet the Siblings: The Miller Sisters

Kaylena (19), Zaryn (17), and Amity (12) are sisters who have two brothers that have CF. You might recognise the Miller sisters from our 2017 issue when we interviewed them for the first time. We thought we would catch up with them and see what has changed.

Kaylena, who is the oldest sister and a twin to her brother Clay, likes to go to the beach with friends, has represented WA in two cheerleading competitions in the United States, and has two fish named Splish and Splash. Zaryn is the second oldest sister, and she likes to sleep, play on her phone, and plan for her future. Amity is the youngest in the family and likes cheerleading, playing on her phone, and is the only sibling that was born in WA.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Kaylena: I am Kaylena, I have two brothers with CF. I coach cheerleading, gymnastics, and athletics. I am a twin.
Zaryn: I am determined and when I want something, I have to work to get it.
Hi I’m Amity, I have four siblings, I like to play on my phone, and I like cheerleading.

How many Sib’s Camps have you been to and what is your favourite thing to do at Sib’s Camp?

Kaylena: I have been to 13 camps! I was a leader at the last two camps. I have been going since 2007. My favourite things are making friends and the flying fox.
Zaryn: I have been to eight camps. My favourite thing is getting to know all the girl and having chats.
I have been to 4 camps. My favourite thing is making new friends.

What is it like having a sibling with CF?

Kaylena: It is nothing new for me as my twin has CF, so that is all I know.
Zaryn: It is like having a normal sibling but have more visits to the hospital.
Sometimes it’s gets annoying but its ok.

Do you have any tips for others with a sibling with CF?

Kaylena: Just being there for them.
Zaryn: Encourage them to do well in life and strive for the future.
Include siblings of CF patients in family decisions that affect them.

What would you like to do in the future?

Kaylena: Anything with children.
Zaryn: Psychology.
Become a cheerleading coach.


Interview from Rozee Magazine, Summer 2o22

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