New Hand Washing & Germs Videos

To ensure everyone learns about how to wash their hands properly and the importance of not spreading germs, we have created three new, exciting videos. These videos have fun activities that you can replicate in your home or in the classroom to show just how easily germs can spread and how to wash our hands to prevent the spread of germs.

How Germs Spread

How Soap Stops Germs Spreading

How to Wash Your Hands

Education Sessions

We offer school education for teachers and students. Information covered during an education session may include:

• What is CF
• Symptoms of CF
• Treatments
• Supporting students with CF
• Considerations specific to your child

For more information about this service, go to School and Community Education or contact our Education Coordinator Maggie at education@cfwa.org.au or on 08 6457 7333.

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