Exciting Time for New CF Treatments

Exciting Time for New CF Treatments

We’ve had an exciting couple of weeks for CF treatments, with increased access to CFRT modulators for Australians and FDA approval of a new treatment in the U.S

Symdecko and Orkambi for Australians

On 20 October, we had the amazing news for the Australian cystic fibrosis (CF) community that Symdeko® will be listed on the PBS for people with CF over the age of 12 with specific gene mutations.

Additionally, the current listing for Orkambi will also be expanded for children aged 2-5 years of age.

Click here for more information.

FDA Trikafta Announcement

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved a new triple-combination therapy called Trikafta for people 12 and older who have at least on F508del mutation.

The exciting thing about this drug is that is has the potential to treat approximately 90% of the CF population!

Although it hasn’t been approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, the U.S. FDA process has historically been a very important step in getting access to similar CF drugs, like Kalydeco and Orkambi, in Australia.

For more information check out the FDA announcement here.

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