Chronic Wet Cough Team Attend Binar’s Albany Event

The Chronic Wet Cough team attended a pilot health initiative event in Albany to share the chronic wet cough message with communities.

Binar’s mission is to engage Aboriginal youth, promote healthier lives, and develop more resilient and empowered young people who can build positive futures.

This event had a goal to “improve the lives of Aboriginal youth by providing an innovative health initiative and cross-sectoral co-operation amongst stakeholders.”

Over 73 basketball teams from across the state attended the event to play basketball and seek culturally appropriate health messages from various stakeholders.

The team engaged with over 250 children, coaches, and parents, sharing the chronic wet cough message “If li’l one has a wet cough for more than 4 weeks, get to clinic.“

The engagement and behaviour from the kids was exceptional and the team looks forward to being involved in future events. This is a great initiative, using basketball as an engagement platform and giving young players the opportunity to engage with health services to raise awareness of health conditions they may be affected by. To be involved in the event and share our message with such a large engaging audience was such a positive way for the team to start the year.

Thank you to our supporters Telethon and the Telethon Kids Institute BREATH team for making this important program possible.

To learn more about Binar, visit their website here.

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