2022 Post Graduate Top Up Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to the Rohan Flint, the recipient of the 2022 Post Graduate Top Up Scholarship. Rohan’s research is titled “Assessing aerosolised bacteriophage to treat antibiotic resistant bacterial infections”. Here is a synopsis of Rowan’s research:

In recent years, bacterial resistance to antibiotics has grown very quickly, and poses a considerable threat to human health. Bacteriophages or phages are viruses that specifically infect and destroy bacteria, and they have been presented as an alternative therapy for bacterial infections that have become resistant to a large number of antibiotics.

Nebulisers can convert a liquid solution into an aerosol and have been proposed as the preferred method to deliver phage to infections within the lung. With little work conducted in this area, this project will use nebulisation to see if phage that can infect antibiotic resistant bacteria can be delivered to treat airway infections. This will be done by first identifying phage that can be nebulised, and then testing their activity against bacteria on infected human airway cells.

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