Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Cystic FIbrosis

The risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission in Australia remains low. Western Australians should remain alert, but not be alarmed.

For latest updates on the developing Coronavirus (COVID-19) visit our News Page.

What's The Latest?
Great Southern Outreach
CFWA Great Southern Outreach We are excited to be back on the road for our Great Southern Outreach event. CFWA members are invited to attend...
The Value of Support- Fiona
Interview with Mum Fiona who has a husband Stuart and three lovely daughters; two who have CF. What are some of things that were difficult...
Holly Talks Tough Issues and CF
Holly is a very active, vibrant woman with CF. She works as a social worker in mental health. She also has a keen interest in...
Keeping Mentally & Physically Healthy: Guy & Lisa
Guy and Lisa have shared part of their story about how they manage to stay active and positive as they face the challenges of life...
1-30 JUL 2020
Take the Backyard Bootcamp challenge in support of CF.
20 AUG 2020
Members are invited to attend our upcoming Great Southern Outreach evening.
19 SEP 2020
Come along to our annual Ladies High Tea event.
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