CFWA Sibling & Offspring Camp

2019 CFWA Sibling & Offspring Camp

The 2019 CFWA Sibling and Offspring Camp is coming soon and this year we are excited to be heading to Ern Halliday Recreation Camp in Hillarys!


Date: 2 – 4 October (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday)
Location: Ern Halliday Recreation Camp
Registration: Registration form below

Ern Halliday is an exciting outdoor recreation camp near Hillarys Boat Harbour, set in 28 hectares of natural bush. Whether it’s the conquest of the flying fox, the team success of finding the ‘lost pilot’ or sharing a campfire with new friends, Ern Halliday will be a rewarding experience.

This year’s camp will be packed full of exciting activities, including:

  • Flying Fox
  • Lost Pilot
  • Caving
  • Beach Team Building
  • Campfire Games
  • and much more!

We’ll also be taking a bus off site to Aloha Surfhouse for some indoor surf lessons and adventure climbing!

We cannot wait for all the fun to be had at this year’s camp. Thanks to the kind generosity of Mazda Foundation and Lotterywest, those who attend the 2019 Sibling and Offspring Camp do so at no cost.

Please complete the registration form below (one for each child) before Monday 2 September.

If you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact Paula at or 08 6457 7338.

Hope to see you there!

2019 Sibs Camp Registration Form

Attending Child
Emergency Contacts

Parent/Guardian Contact

Second Emergency Contact

Medical Information

Medical Conditions


****All medications must be clearly labelled and handed to leaders upon arrival****

Due to the responsibility of the staff at camp, all medication including vitamins, over the counter medication and prescription medication MUST be in their original containers. Medication not in the original containers will not be dispensed. All medication, vitamins, etc. must be clearly marked and handed into camp leaders when dropping off your child. Medications will be administered by camp leaders.

Other Information
Parental Consent

I hereby give permission for my child to attend and participate in the activities of the 2019 Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia (CFWA) Sibling & Offspring Camp to be held at Ern Halliday Recreation Camp from the 2 - 4 October 2019. This also includes travelling offsite to Aloha Surfhouse, Joondalup for a morning of activities which includes vertical climbing challenges and indoor surfing.

I confirm that all details provided on this registration form are correct.

I give the camp leaders permission to administer any medications as directed by me in this registration form.

If leaders are concerned about my child or charge in any way, I understand that they will endeavour to contact me or my emergency contact, on the number/s I have provided however, in the case of a medical emergency, I give permission for medical/surgical intervention to be provided as required and acknowledge that any expenses incurred in the provision of such medical/surgical intervention are to be paid by me.

I agree that the organisers reserve the right to expel any participant from the camp who disrupts or hinders the program and I accept that should this be my child or charge, the cost of removing them will be my responsibility.

To the full extent allowed by law, I hereby indemnify Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia, its directors, staff members, camp leaders and other employees against any claim relating to my child or ward that may arise and hereby release CFWA from any liability in the event of an illness, accident or misfortune that may occur to the participant.

Photographs will be taken of your child/children during the camp and will be used in printed publications, promotional material and social media. Please advise staff if you DO NOT give permission for such usage.

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