Chronic Wet Cough Program

We are about to embark on a community-based funded education program in regional WA with regards to respiratory health – particularly chronic wet cough in collaboration with Perth Children’s Hospital and Telethon Kids Institute. In many Aboriginal communities in WA, wet cough has become ‘normalised’ and there is a relatively low level of community awareness of related diseases. If chronic wet cough goes undetected/untreated, the ongoing Protracted Bacterial Bronchitis (PBB) infection and inflammation can lead to long term irreversible lung damage (bronchiectasis) which can impact on quality and duration of life. The shared goal is to contribute to improved, equitable access to best practice respiratory health care for all WA children.

What is chronic lung sickness?

  • A bad sickness that lots of Aboriginal children have.
  • The breathing tubes get damaged and stop working properly
  • Your child may have a wet sounding cough which stays for a long time.

Spreading the message

This month we will be visiting Northam, York, Merredin, and Newman where we will be visiting the Health Services, local library, childcare centres, Aboriginal Medical services, and Mother’s Groups.

If you would like to find out more or know of a community group that would like to have a yarn, please contact Michelle on michelle.buck@cfwa.org.au.

This is a new initiative funded by Telethon.

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