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“When I was born with cystic fibrosis my life expectancy was just 10 years”

Like many kids with cystic fibrosis, young Kate spent her childhood in and out of hospital. She had multiple hospital visits due to lung infections as well as emergency surgery for a blocked bowel. Each morning before school, Kate’s daily routine was her nebuliser therapy, followed by an hour of physio, then breakfast. If she had enough energy, she’d head off to school. Kate also took 40-50 tablets each day. Thankfully, Kate has defied the odds. The 38-year-old is now “a miracle mum” to 5-year-old Molly. But it has taken a double lung transplant and two traumatic miscarriages to get there.

Please support people with CF

With cystic fibrosis there is still no cure. People with CF need your help more than ever, please give a gift today.

Eleven years ago, Kate received her double lung transplant. The transplant was a success, but Kate still has a daily battle with CF. “We might look alright on the outside, but we’re really horribly ill on the inside,” says Kate. “Unless someone has a child or friend with CF, they just don’t realise the struggle we are going through.”

At Cystic Fibrosis WA we deliver essential services and support. We work closely with hospital CF clinical teams throughout the state, providing in-hospital support, financial subsidies, equipment loans, specialist counselling, social work, and educational support and assistance.

Help CF families like Kate’s have many more precious moments.

Thankfully with better treatment and care we have a growing number of adults with CF. However, they depend on you for critical medical equipment and support services. Anything you can give will be so gratefully received. All the work that we do with families, providing services and equipment is only possible when thoughtful people like you send a gift. Will you please send a special gift for people like Kate? We need to keep her well for the sake of little Molly.

Kate’s survival is a gift. The birth of Molly is a miracle. And your support is the greatest act of kindness and compassion anyone can show.

From the CF team here, and from Kate and Molly – thank you.

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